2015… where did ye go?

Hiya! Hope you’re all well, and having a lovely time as 2015 draws to a close.

At this time of year, things usually start getting a tad reflective, especially on the blogosphere: 2015 roundups; best books of 2015; an annual list of accomplishments… they’re everywhere! Me? I’m just gazing around, blinking and confused, wondering where the hell the year went.

And I find that regretful, if I’m honest.

Too busy to write. Too busy to stop and take photos, and create memories. Too knackered to cook proper meals (yes, we had cheesy pasta for dinner – the boxed, bright orange kind), and definitely too busy to maintain my food blog, or this author blog.

tired dog

Never one to subscribe to the glorification of busyness, I don’t say any of these things with a sense of validity or pride. In actual fact, I’m a bit sad that the year has swooshed by, without much pause for reflection or appreciation. Mind when I used to do the ‘Life In Pictures‘ photo-diaries? And see this… lying on the couch creating a blog post? I love it. I’d like to do more of it. Maybe I will, in 2016…

So what’s been happening?

Now, nine days into my festive break, I’ve started to potter around with the novel again. My pal Kris recommended a book: Take off your pants, by Libbie Hawker, and I found it really useful for creating a better structure, and filling some important gaps in my story. Don’t expect miracles, but I’d definitely recommend it if you enjoy outlines and plotting.

Earlier today, I watched a YouTube video on The Editing Process by David Farland. It was very thorough, detailing the SIX editing stages he goes through for each novel. Can’t imagine why I found this exhaustive (and exhausting!) list so comforting, but I did. Have a gander here, if that’s also your bag.

Getting my words from page to stage was a high point this year, with my first short play, Dynamite FM, performed to perfection (you can watch it – in its 12 minute entirety – here). I found the whole process so enjoyable, I started to take notice of other writing endeavours. I’m in talks with my childhood friend, Karen, to collaborate in a most hilarious (for us) project. It’s still very early days, but I’m so excited to see how it will grow in 2016.

After a bit of a hiatus, I went back to my writers group. This time round, I have my big sister in tow! Norma has recently discovered writing, and is a truly wonderful poet. Her enthusiasm is palpable; her inspiration and gumption high. She can’t stop writing, and I’m so jelly! 🙂

happy new year 2016

Remember that Open Uni degree I enrolled in? I’m now in the throes of my second year and, while it’s been a strain on an already tight schedule, it has been so worth it. As a student in Scotland, I’m extremely lucky to have this opportunity to better myself, with no student fees restricting me. Whenever I feel like packing it in, I remember this. My current module is on Business Management, and I know it’s going to stand me in good stead down the line. I was quite shocked to discover that my student status rendered me ineligible to submit to the Scottish Book Trust’s New Writers Award, though. Poor show, SBT!

Anyhoo, that’s plenty for noo. Here’s to a glorious 2016 for you and yours. Who knows what the next 12 months will bring?

Happy New Year 2016

Take care

Catherine 😀 x

P.S – if you catch me eating any more shite from a box, please stage an intervention!

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