Dynamite FM – The Video!


I’m thrilled to report that my first play, Dynamite FM, was performed to perfection, and massively exceeded all my expectations!

Both nights had a great turnout, and everyone chuckled away at the parts I hoped they would (thank feck).

It was a full house, both nights! I’m equally thrilled that my fellow writers, Meggan JamesonJulie McDowall and Róisín Kelly had a fantastic reception too.

The second night was recorded, and can be viewed below, starting with mine!

Dynamite FM by Catherine Noble (Moi!)

Newly single Jason has high hopes for his mate’s pirate radio party. He’s looking to let off some steam, forget his problems, and find a hot burd who’ll take him home for the night. Any takers?

The Answer by Meggan Jameson

Could someone really tell you answers to the question you’ve always wanted to ask? Three woman one night in a flat think so, and they are about to find out. What they didn’t bank on was that it might not be to the questions they thought they had.

Ava and the Seagull by Róisín Kelly

Ava loves Peter. Colm loves Ava. And Big Bad One. A dark tale of bird love, betrayal and revenge.

Smokers by Julie McDowall

The play is about Julie’s favourite topic – the end of the world – and shows two people enjoying a last cigarette before they have to descend into a nuclear bunker.

Thank you to everyone who came along, it meant a lot. Yous are all BELTERS.

Also, a huge thanks to the actors who brought Dynamite FM to life: Scott Canevy, Tanvir Bashir, Sarah Meikle , and the legendary Roz Mccue (who I specifically wrote a part in for!).

Finally, a massive thanks to my director, Tom Brogan. I wouldn’t have even considered writing a play, had it not been for his encouragement.

Cheers, and have a good weekend!

Catherine x

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